For the Bible Tells Me So

For the Bible Tells Me So
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Oh my. I just cried so much in the second half of the film. Tears of sadness and joy.

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This documentary ended up being what I thought it would be: very poor film work, very poor writing/directing, out-and-out propaganda. I was hoping for a more challenging piece of work.

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Why do you think it was poorly written/directed?

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This documentary explores how conservative Christians' interpretation of the Bible can be used as a way to deny homosexuals equal rights. This is a very important film, especially in light of the recent events in Kentucky.

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It breaks my heart to see individuals be pressured by organizational religion to hide their real selves. I saw one of my closest friends be victim to this for years and I am so proud of him for finally gathering the courage to stand up to the oppressors surrounding him.

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