Fear And Desire

Fear And Desire
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What a dumb movie!

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Well, they got over that whole 'dead girl' thing rather quickly. I think the raft gave a great performance & there were some nice camera angles. But obvious why Kubrick wasn't particularly proud of this one...

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Of all the films Kubrick made, this is the one he hated the most, and it's the only one of his films on this platform. Nice.

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Seems to have a Rod Serling Twilight Zone tone to it. Even the music. Good photo editing. But this was 1953. Twilight Zone started in 1959. So who influenced who?

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Not great by any stretch but one can see the first awkward steps of a brilliant filmmaker in training. Full Metal Jacket seems like a more skillful and more fully realized version of what Kubrick was going for here.

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Can see the beginning of a great film career. Pity about the dialogue which was riddled with cliches as were the characters.

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In mood and tone, it anticipates a lot of later Vietnam War films, especially Apocalypse Now, also The Thin Red Line. I liked it better than some of Kubrick's other movies!

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this is way better than i expected it to be

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I can't imagine being trapped behind enemy lines with some know-it-all lieutenant pseudo philosopher. He is such an annoying actor, I think I would have to mutiny.

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The roots of Stanley Kubrick. Not a bad film. By no means a masterpiece, but a solid piece of work.

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