Social Rejection and the Science of Belonging

Reject - Social Rejection and the Science of Belonging
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A scientific and solution-oriented look at the roots of bullying and violent behavior. Using brain imaging (fMRI) and a simple ball-tossing game, researchers demonstrate that the brain looks as though…
Bonus - The Rejection-Violence Phenomenon
This 38 minute bonus feature excerpted from REJECT documentary examines what can happen to us when we are socially rejected. The film sheds new light into this universal human experience…

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this was awesome, super well made! interesting to see the "you can't say you can't play" bit being integrated in kindergartens, i think that's such an great way for people to learn some elements of inclusion. thanks for makin and sharing this film!

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Thank you for this incredible contribution to those of trying to understand bullying and violent behavior. I showed this film in my Psychological Trauma course and used the supplemental material to guide the discussion. While many others have pointed out that many school shooters have ...Read more

Ruth  avatar

When so many of our loved ones suffer every day from the scourge or bullying or crushing social isolation, I wanted to understand, scientifically, why this is happening and what we can do to prevent the wounding, suffering, and sometimes even the death of the most vulnerable members of our ...Read more

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